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3 Ply Disposable Mask

Cost per day40 ¢/day
Mask Life8 hours / 1 day
Elastic Loops over Nose BridgeNo
Exhalation ValveNo
Autoclavable No

ECO Airmask

Cost per day17 ¢/day
Mask LifeUp to 100 days
Elastic Loops over Nose BridgeYes
Exhalation ValveYes
Autoclavable No

ECO Airmask Pro

Cost per day19 ¢/day
Mask LifeUp to 100 days
Elastic Loops over Nose BridgeYes
Exhalation ValveNo
Autoclavable Yes

Attract, Bind & Disrupt

The durable 100% cotton hypoallergenic fabric of the ECO Airmask is designed with a novel and patented self-sanitizing technology that keeps the Mask Germ Free. The outer and inner layers of the mask are knitted with this technology making it safe for the humans and the environment by eliminating viruses and bacteria on its surface.

This is achieved by the presence of a permanently bonded cationic sites that attract, bind and disrupt the cell membranes of positively charged bacteria and encapsulated Virus such as H1N1, SARS-CoV1, and SARS-CoV2.

Electron Microscope View

Diffusion, Interception & Impaction

ECO Airmask is engineered to filter Virus, Bacteria and Particulates at an efficacy rate of 99%, 95% and 98%.

Filtration works by Diffusion, Interception & Impaction. Viral Filtration is achieved by Diffusion whereas bacteria and particulates are achieved by Interception & Impaction.

Disposable Mask = Covid Waste

When you suddenly have millions of population wearing one to two masks per day the amount of trash generated is going to be substantial.

Discarded single-use face masks used to stop the spread of coronavirus could be causing significant harm to the environment.

A glut of discarded single-use masks are washing up on shorelines and littering the seabed.

Buy a Eco-friendly, Reusable Eco Airmask Now!
(Can be used for up to 100 washes)

ECO Airmask Pro


ECO Airmask Pro

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ECO Airmask

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ECO Airmask

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ECO Airmask, ECO Airmask Pro - Protection for You & Your Loved Ones

ECO Airmask & ECO Airmask Pro, presented by Taevas Life Sciences Inc. are Reusable Multi layered Filtration designed for safety, fashion and comfort. ECO Airmask, ECO Airmask Pro meet a wide range of tests to ensure effective filtration, anti-microbial activity, exhalation and durability.
SARS-Cov2 Virus which is responsible for COVID-19 has a size of 150nm. ECO Airmask, ECO Airmask Pro have been tested for 60nm viruses (Bacteriophages at 99.9% filtration. Designed with a unique antimicrobial technology that provided a barrier of protection which is highly effective and everlasting through the life of fabric. ECO Airmask, ECO Airmask Pro come with a mechanism that provided continuous defence achieving anti-microbial activity and does not deplete over washes.

Product Reviews

by Dr. Janakiraman

The mask is very convenient and serves the purpose of being reusable. It a perfect mask to wear in regular use outdoors

by Ravi Kiran Kanala

Haven't gone out much but, the product is of good quality. Friends have bought it as well and they like it.

by Ramakrishna Vugge

Product is good and serves the purpose.

by Shravani Baddam

Product is nice no complains, one size ordered is small, using the other one, overall nice quality

by The Product Plug (Alex)

Not great quality as compared to other masks used.

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FAQs/ Know More

  • What are the intended uses of ECO Airmask?

    ECO Airmask is intended for use by General Public, Police/Security Officials and Public Transport Officials for protection against Bacteria, Virus, Pollen allergy and harmful pollutants.

  • How long-does the anti-microbial efficacy last?

    The anti-microbial efficacy is permanently bonded and does not deplete in its efficiency. ECO Airmask has been tested effective for more than 100 washes under the labelled washing instructions.

  • Is ECO Airmask environment friendly?

    ECO Airmask can be re-used for up to 100 washes, thus ensuring reduced bio-medical waste.

  • Is ECO Airmask Unisex?

    Yes, the ECO Airmask is suitable for all genders and is engineered for personalized fit for optimal comfort.

  • Can I breathe comfortably if I wear ECO Airmask?

    ECO Airmask is designed with an exhalation valve to ensure you breathe comfortably.

  • In what sizes is the ECO Airmask available?
    SizeJaw Line
    Small (S)5.2" – 6.7"/ 13cm -17 cm
    Medium (M)5.9 "– 7.5"/ 15cm – 19cm
    Large (L)6.7"– 8.2"/ 17cm – 21cm
  • What is the return policy of ECO Airmask?

    Owing to health and hygienic regulations and safety standards, ECO Airmask is non-returnable.

  • What are the tests and standards ECO AIRMASK tested for?
    S.NoDescription of TestStandards UsedTestLabResults
    1Antimicrobial Effectiveness using BacteriaJISL 1902:2008Antimicrobial EffectivenessIntertek,IndiaAntimicrobial efficiency achieved 99.99% protection
    2Bacterial Filtration Efficiency TestASTM F-2101Bacterial filterationSouth India Textile Research Association, IndiaAchieved good performance of 95% and above filtration.
    3Particulate Filtration Efficiency at 0.3 MicronsASTM F2299/F2299M-03:2010Particulate filterationSouth India Textile Research Association, IndiaAchieved good performance of 98% and above.
    4Viral Filtration Efficiency Tested on Bacteriophage phi x (ATCC 13706)SITRA, India-MethodViral efficiencySouth India Textile Research Association, IndiaAchieved good performance of 99.9% and above.
    5Durability - Wash Cycles Testing and Anti-microbial TestingASTM-E-2315DurabilityCareNow R&D LabAchieved good performance of Anti-microbial activity of 99.99% for multiple washes cycles
  • How are Shipping charges for my order calculated?
    We provide a Flat Shipping cost for our Buyers with a 2-3 days delivery
    No of MasksShippings cost
    1-2 masks$5.00
    3-5 masks$10.00
    5-10 masks$15.00
    10-25 masks$20.00
    26-100 masks$35.00
  • Which is right for me, ECO Airmask or ECO Airmask Pro?
    ECO AIRMASK with Valve provides maximum personal protection, comfort & breathability for the General Public. ECO AIRMASK Pro without valve is ideal for Health Professionals and patients in a healthcare setting for personal protection and prevention of germ exhalation. It is recommend that a user wears ECO AIRMASK with a valve in a general setting. And in healthcare setup such as hospital, clinic or if any user is a patient with illness, we recommend the usage of ECO AIRMASK Pro without valve.


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