A decade old infection control technology…now at your disposal

Taevas Life Sciences Inc. has been continually on the quest to empower people to improve their lives by providing them access to quality healthcare products. At the heart of our discoveries are partnerships that embody the care people need and the compassion they deserve. One such discovery is BLUEFENZTM. It is a patented technology and is over a decade old that is being actively utilized in the areas of Infection Control amongst many other healthcare practicalities. With the entire globe weathering COVID-19, we aspired to contribute to an environment where people feel safe during these novel times. Combining the expertise and the desire to build a community of quality care, we built the most feasible model of protection, now at your disposal – The ECO Airmask presented by Taevas Life Sciences Inc.

ECO Airmask is permanently bonded with BLUEFENZTMand although dating back multiple years, it has a 99.99% protecting against pathogens thus attaining a solid microbial control that doesn’t deplete with wash. It is free from the use of antibiotics, depleting chemicals, and has a crease-resistant formula. To keep it simple, when you wear an ECO Airmask, your mask inhibits the growth and kills the microbes as they touch the fabric. BOOM!

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