Right from birth our children begin to study this world. They do it in many ways. The best first helper is always a parent – who takes an active part in learning his precious child. That’s a great decision for newborns, but from the age of 3 months, it’s just the right time to buy some little helpers to create great surroundings for the baby’s development. Various educational toys – that’s a great solution!

At the same time, many parents face the issue where to buy children's toys so that they were of high-quality, safe, interesting for kids, and not very expensive at the same time. The range of stores is very wide, so it’s hard to make the right decision.

For you not to waste your time we offer you a great online store that sells only high-quality toys – it’s DoEcoLiving online eco toys store. It offers unique, safe, and eco-friendly products from proven brands that are in greatest demand.

All the products presented are absolutely safe for both your children and nature. DoEcoLiving range is very wide:

  • Wooden toys
  • 3d wooden mechanical puzzles
  • Eco-cotton stuffed toys
  • Plaster building blocks
  • 100% recycled plastic toys
  • Carton board games
  • Crayons from beeswax
  • Finger paints made of rice flour, clay, and vegetable extracts
  • Eco dough  from wheat flour with natural oil


Best toys for babies and toddlers

Starting from 6 months, the child begins to play with various sorters, cubes, stuffed toys, pyramids, and blocks which help to develop not only physically, but also emotionally too. The kid learns to set tasks for himself and to solve them. It is very significant during the formation of personality.

When he reaches the age of 1 year and till 3 years their development speed becomes extra fast. So it’s just the right time to offer lacing toys, clutching puzzles, any types of vehicles, and any building or role-playing sets. With the help of such toys, the child will develop logic, fine motor skills, attention, math skills, shapes, and forms.

All these toys can be found at DoEcoLiving catalog – just come in and check it out!

DoEcoLiving - place where great things happen

To cut the long story short we would like to tell you that DoEcoLiving is not only about toys. It’s actually an ecology-saving project at the same time where any buyer actually takes part in it. For every 28 orders made at our web, we plant a tree! As a result, we turn back the earth what we have taken from her.

At the same time, we are involving people in ecological challenges and educate our children in eco spirit. Only if we do great things together – we will get a bright future tomorrow! Let’s Do Eco Living together!


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