The dreaded Covid-19 is here to stay! It will be a matter of time that the virus will affect the communities and people will have to learn to live with that. But we can ensure maximum safety and protection against this deadly virus. How? Well, first thing first the compulsory use of a face mask every time you step out in public. Covering the face with a mask will create a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air back and forth. But the question that most people ask is - Does it matter what sort of mask you wear? The answer is yes because different types of masks offer different levels of protection. 

So, how does one shop for the best face mask? The best and most protective face mask will offer these basic yet necessary things:


Quality traits of best face mask:

  • It must fit comfortably up against your face
  • It must be secured with ear loops or ties
  • It must include multiple layers of fabric
  • It must allow for free breathing without restriction
  • It must be washable without any damage or shape change


Our recommendation: Eco Airmask

Eco Airmask

Eco Airmask, by Taevas Life Sciences Inc., should be your go to for the best mask that you're searching for. This several-layered mask is specifically made for comfort and protection during these tough times. This unisex mask is not based on the ‘one fit for all’ approach. Making it suitable for all face types, Eco Airmask is available in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.


Know more reasons why Eco Airmask is recommended -

  • Finest Filtration with Odor Control: Effective odour neutralizer & 3 layered filtrations against bacteria, viruses, germs, and harmful pollutants. 
  • Comfort-Fit & Stretchability: Adjustable nose bridge, stretchable fabric & ear loops with an exhalation valve for breathability. 
  • Reusable & Eco-friendly: Made with a 100% pure cotton fabric, washable for multiple times and suitable for reuse. 
  • Scientifically Tested: For various standards by Intertek, India & South India Textile Research Association (SITRA).


Eco Airmask vs surgical mask

Criteria Eco AirmaskSurgical Mask
Mask LifeUp to 100 days 8 hours/1 day
Exhalation valveYesNo
Eco friendlyYesNo
Elastic Loops over Nose BridgeYesNo


So what are you waiting for? #Maskup with Eco Airmask. 

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