Quarantine Essentials: Supplies to Help You Get through Coronavirus Pandemic

quarantine “Preparedness is one of the foundations of a survival skill set.”

With countries in an unlocked state all around the world, there are still shortages of all sorts of odds and ends, and not knowing what you"ll actually need to get through the Covid-19 pandemic can be stressful. Across the globe, there is no guarantee that the restrictions won’t tighten again, as new cases are again on the rise, and the CDC director Robert Redfield has said we may see a second wave of infections later this year. If we are in a reprieve, we must take this opportunity to prepare ourselves ahead of schedule this time.

As we stay home to help prevent the spread of the virus, we"re all wondering the same thing: Do I have the right essentials to make this ‘stay at home’ time as prepared as possible? Well, we"re here to help with that!

We"ve compiled a list of wellness, fitness, nutrition, self-care, and entertainment must-haves to inspire your next shopping list and help you feel as good as possible during this period.

Supplies you might need during quarantine:

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Face masks: The CDC guides that people wear masks in public settings, especially where social distancing can’t be maintained. There can be a variety of masks, but you must choose the most effective one. Our recommendation: ECO Airmask, which is effective in eliminating H1N1, Sars-CoV-1, and Sars-CoV-2 virus. It is important to keep a few masks handy, even when you are staying at home most of the time.


Soap or hand Sanitizers: We know it is tough to find both soap and hand sanitizers at this time when there is a shortage of COVID essentials. While you may not have the biggest selection, you can opt for whatever is available. If you are looking for DIY hand sanitizers, you can always make sanitizers from essential oils.

Surface disinfectants: Since the virus can stay on the surface and can also transmit from there, you must keep a surface disinfectant at home, to keep the surfaces on regular basis. Also, it can come in handy when you are handling packages from outside.

Medications: If you are on medications for some medical condition, it is important that you stock up your medicines, so you don’t have to rush to the already packed medical stores during the quarantine. If your medications are not readily available at the pharma stores, you must bulk order online to avoid any panic moment.

Groceries: Try to go grocery shopping every once a week, and stock up on things like rice, grains, pulses, sugar, salt, etc. Canned items are great to have around. Fresh vegetables and fruits will be good for the next week or two, and frozen veggies are a good choice too. Try to finish the perishable items first, and then go for canned food goods.


Water purifier: If you have a good source of tap water, you are good to go if not, instead of stocking up on water bottles (that contributes to plastic waste), buy a water purifier and connect it to your local source of water.

Water kettle/boiler:Now that winter is around the corner, you must have a water kettle or boiler at home, to keep the feel of winter away.

First-aid kit: No matter what is happening (pandemic or regular day) “it’s prudent for every household to have basic essentials on hand to care for a minor emergency, such as a cut, burn, or insect sting,” says Brad Uren, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School. For minor issues you can treat at home, it’s preferable not to visit a health care facility right now if you don’t have to, Seek medical care if you need it. A standard first aid kit will have everything you need.


Tissues: Grab an extra box or two of tissue papers. Make sure you’re always sneezing and coughing into a tissue. Then, always throw it away, don’t stuff it in your pocket to reuse later.

Baby supplies: For parents of toddlers, have enough number of diapers, baby food, baby clothes, wipes, baby essentials, toilet paper rolls (say no to panic buying), or anything you are extremely low on right now. To entertain your kids at home, you can buy eco-friendly toys at DoEcoLiving.

Pet food: If you a pet owner, then you must have enough pet food at home, to go in and about 2 weeks. If you are also carrying your pet while shopping groceries, take them in a pet carrier.

Entertainment things to keep you busy: During the early days of lockdown, people were enjoying being at home, but baking, cooking, exercising, playing online games, and binge-watching series and movies. Now the craze of all these things has ceased down a bit. But you need to keep yourself entertained during these times, and for that, you should have an OTT platform’s subscription, movie DVDs, and certain online and offline games in handy.

If you are into Korean Dramas, here is a list of Korean series you can binge-watch while at home.

A concrete plan if someone gets sick: It might be on paper or in a Google spreadsheet, but please read, think about, and prepare a plan for what to do if someone in your house gets sick. The CDC has a Household Plan of Action list here. Make sure you have a good medical emergency plan in place, including the names and contact information of your doctors and a list of local hospitals and clinics that take your insurance.


Here are some supplies that we believe you will need prior, to have an organized, safe, and sound quarantine. These quarantine essentials will help you get through these tough times that we all are facing. Remember - Buy only what you need, and save for other people too.

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