Company Disclaimer : Taevas Life Sciences Inc., based out of Princeton, New Jersey is an exclusive importer and marketing partner of ECO Airmask in the USA. ECO Airmask is patented and is a proprietary product of CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore, India. All trademark, patent rights of ECO Airmask, exclusively reside with CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd. Taevas Life Sciences Inc. is an FDA registered importer. CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd. is an FDA registered manufacturing establishment. CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd. products are not reviewed and approved by FDA and NIOSH.

Scientific Claims & Usage : Currently ECO Airmask is not approved for any claims made on this website in the United States. Taevas Life Sciences Inc. and its subsidiaries or group companies make no warranties or claims, either explicit or implicit, regarding the use of ECO Airmask. The Product reduces the risk of contracting airborne infections; but does not substitute the need for proper hygiene practices, personal health habits, or other forms of exposure risks. Furthermore, Taevas Life Sciences Inc. & its subsidiaries and CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd. & its subsidiaries shall be in no way liable for fitness for a specific purpose, performance, misuse, safety, dependability, durability and unforeseen adverse effects of the product. Use of the product is at the purchaser’s own risk.

Shipping Disclaimer : After your order has been placed, processed and payment approved, your product will ship via FedEx or USPS, typically within 48 Hrs. However in case of unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19 related lockdowns, restrictions in movement of courier traffic etc., shipments may be delayed. After the product ships, Taevas Life Sciences Inc. will send an email to the customer listed on the billing address of each order.

Returns : Owing to health and hygienic regulations and safety standards, ECO Airmask is non-returnable.

Trademark & Registrations : ECO Airmask is a registered product of CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India). Taevas Life Sciences Inc does not hold any trademark or patent rights on these products. All trademarks referred to in the website are the sole property of CareNow Medical Pvt Ltd.

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