The world is no longer what it used to be. We may have to live with coronavirus for months or years! Let's not deny it or panic and make our lives useless. Let's learn to live with this fact. With precautionary measures like: sanitizing your hands, wearing masks in public, and maintaining social distancing, you can avoid getting this deadly virus. Health officials emphasize these measures may limit the spread of coronavirus.

There has been a lot of debate going on about masks. Well, we are here to tell you about everything. Most of the people think that wearing a surgical mask is the best solution to avoid getting coronavirus. But that maybe not true. Let's talk in detail about the difference between surgical and fabric masks, and who should wear which masks.


What type of masks should be worn by whom: 

  1. Medical masks (Surgical masks):
  • Should be worn by health workers
  • People who have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Those who take care of someone suspected of confirmed with COVID-19

Medical mask

Note: In areas where COVID-19 is spread and physical distancing of one meter at least cannot be achieved, medical masks should be worn by people who are aged 60 years or over and those with underlying health conditions.

  1. Fabric masks (Non-medical masks):
  • Should be worn by people with no symptoms of COVID-19 in areas where COVID-19 is widespread and where physical distancing of 1 meter cannot be achieved. Such as
  • Social workers, cashiers, and servers
  • Fabric masks should also be considered in busy settings like buses, trains, share taxis
  • Fabric masks should be worn in workplaces, in grocery stores, and other crowded environments

Fabric mask

In fabric masks, we recommend washable masks as they serve their purpose best for several reasons, such as they are cost-effective and they last longer. And it is very easy to wash reusable masks.


A good fabric mask should be:

  • Should be made of 2+ layer of tightly-woven fabric (cotton or linen)
  • Ensure it is well fitted with ear loops or ties
  • Fit comfortably against your face allowing you to breathe easily so you don’t need to adjust it
  • Be large enough to completely cover the nose and mouth without gaping
  • Must be durable enough to allow you to frequently wash and dry it without losing its shape

If you are still confused about which reusable mask is the best in its purpose, we recommend Eco Airmask. And let us tell you why you should wear this mask amidst this pandemic. 

ECO Airmask

  • Finest Filtration with Odor Control: 
  • Comfort-Fit & Stretchability
  • Reusable & Eco-friendly
  • Scientifically Tested


Eco Airmask vs surgical mask

Fabric Mask vs Surgical mask

Criteria Eco AirmaskSurgical Mask
Mask LifeUp to 100 days 8 hours/1 day
Exhalation valveYesNo
Eco friendlyYesNo
Elastic Loops over Nose BridgeYesNo


Now that we have given you all the reason to buy Eco Airmask over any other fabric mask, what are you waiting for? #Maskup with Eco Airmask.



RP July 17, 2020

The mask fit nice and snug, texture is smooth and soft, overall good quality product.


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Brahmaij August 27, 2020

Nice Article..


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