Overnight, masks have become a symbol of social responsibility. But, we can see that there are certain groups of people that still need convincing to wear a mask in public. Many groups of people are entertaining the backlash on the masks. And this chaotic response against wearing face masks in public has divided the USA in two. Let’s not jump to any conclusion about who is right and wrong but allow us to walk you through why masks are probably the most important thing during this pandemic. 


Why masks matter more during this pandemic?

First things first, coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new virus, which means that our immune systems have never encountered it before. It is way too different from seasonal flu, which most of us have protection from, because of the flu shots we get. But since there is no concrete vaccine against this deadly virus yet, we must ensure we are following every protocol to stay away from catching it. The biggest fear is that it transmits from human to human. If a COVID-19 positive person were to sneeze or cough in front of you without covering their nose and mouth, then their respiratory secretion (droplets) can also enter your body, thus making it human-to-human transmission. This is making it more lethal as the number of COVID-19 patients across the globe has reached millions in number. 


What type of masks should you consider?

There are various types of masks available in the market that it can confuse anybody. While most people go for either surgical masks or fashionable fabric masks, it is advised to always go for the masks that protect you the best against the virus.

When we talk about masks, the first mask that one can think of is a surgical mask, as it is easily available and since it is mostly used by the doctors and hospital staff, people think it can protect them from viruses too. But truth be told, not everyone is advised to use a surgical or medical or 3 ply mask. Read who is supposed to wear which type of mask


Types of masks: a little about everything!

3 ply mask: Also known as a surgical/ medical mask, 3 ply masks are useful in the healthcare environment, treatment practices, and overall protection from germs. It is mostly used by healthcare staff. Since it is a disposable mask, commonly known as a use and throw mask, it is not advised for everyone as lots of waste can get accumulated with the surge in increased usage. Know who is supposed to wear a 3 ply mask.

N95 mask: Also known as respirator mask, N95 masks are in high demand, as it is one of the most suitable substitutes for surgical masks. Some models have a respiratory valve that works best against airborne diseases. 

Fabric mask: Fabric masks are easily available and they can also be easily made at home. It only requires a cotton fabric and basic sewing practice. You can either make this reusable and washable mask at home or you can buy it in stores or online. Fabric masks are recommended because they will save you the cost of buying surgical masks in bulk. Mask life for a fabric mask is up to 100 days (depending on the cloth used and FDA approval), while that of a surgical one is 8 hours or 1 day.

Our recommendation: ECO Airmask by Taevas Life Sciences Inc.

ECO Airmask, presented by Taevas Life Sciences Inc. is a Reusable Multi-layered Filtration designed for safety, fashion, and comfort. ECO Airmask meets a wide range of tests to ensure effective filtration, anti-microbial activity and durability. ECO Airmask comes with a mechanism that provides continuous defense achieving anti-microbial activity that does not deplete over washes.


Difference between various types of masks:

Criteria3 Ply MaskN95 MaskSimple Fabric MaskECO Airmask
Testing and ApprovalEvaluated, tested, and approved by NIOSH*Cleared by the U.S. FDA**N/AApproved by SITRA***
Face Seal FitLoose-fittingTight-fittingDepending on the clothComfort-fit
Mask Life8 hours/1 dayDepending on the contamination levelUp to 100 daysUp to 100 days
WashableNoLimited numbers of timesYesYes
Exhalation valveNoYesNoYes
Eco friendlyNoYesYesYes
Elastic Loops over Nose BridgeNoYesNoYes


*NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

**FDA - Food and Drug Administration

***SITRA - South India Textile Research Association

Conclusion: There can be numerous fabric masks to opt from, but are they all certified to use? No. But ECO Airmaslk by CareNow is scientifically tested and is advised for public use. So, why not #MaskUp with ECO Airmask? For more detailed information on ECO Airmask, contact here.


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