For this reason, threat actors usually consolidate stolen assets and transfer them off the original blockchain quickly. Many mixing services exist to launder funds and maximize anonymity, including formal, registered, and well-organized mixing services alongside informal, direct peer-to-peer services initiated on-demand. If the trail from initial cryptocurrency compromise to centralized markets is significantly obfuscated, threat actors can dodge the security controls and maximize stolen profits on centralized markets. Industries such as the financial sector, the pharmaceutical industry or logistics, are increasingly using blockchain technology to share data, process deals or handle financial transactions. Each data record is stored and processed in a decentralized manner and attached to a chain of data records in cryptographic form.

During this screening of papers, the whole team met, discussed, and refined the search criteria multiple times. This cross-checking of papers among team members helps in adding more reliability to this phase. Then, after thorough research and considering limitations, including the availability of papers in the English language, same studies, and topic-based exclusion, research studies were screened as illustrated in Figure 3. Finally, at this step, the investigation continued with a total of 51 papers. Blockchain security is about understanding blockchain network risks and managing them.

blockchain cyberattacks

This technology can help organizations manage and distribute digital data by using mutually distributed ledgers. These components include nonlocalization , security, auditability , and smart execution . This technology initially focuses on sharing and executing digital events among given blockchain. Cybersecurity challenges in BCT are being explored to add greater value to business processes and reshape business operations. This scoping review paper was aimed at exploring the current literature’s scope and categorizing various types of cybersecurity challenges in BCT. Databases such as Elsevier, ResearchGate, IEEE, ScienceDirect, and ABI/INFORM Collection were searched using a combination of terms, and after rigorous screening, 51 research studies were found relevant.

How did the attack happen and what was affected?

If, for instance, someone who is not the owner of a piece of data tries to tamper with a block, the whole system analyzes every single block of data to find the one that differs from the rest . If the system finds this type of block, it simply excludes it from the chain, identifying it as false. Apart from individuals, businesses too are on the target list of cryptojackers. According to the report, cryptojacking incidents targeting the retail industry rose by 63% year-to-date, while similar attacks on the financial industry skyrocketed 269%. The proposed secure architecture for blockchain-based healthcare data management.

  • Blockchain is built upon the distributed mechanism where the database comprises a record list that grows incessantly with each record called a block.
  • Solana’s representative Austin Federa confirmed that hardware wallets were safe.
  • That can lead to a new chain splitting from the old and introduce blockchain-specific risks, such as replay, double spend, and 51% attacks.
  • Cryptocurrency is a secure method of online payment that shuns centralized banking and can offer the user anonymity.
  • And the Saudi Arabian government and GE Ventures have invested in the startup Xage, which is using blockchain to boost cybersecurity in industrial IoT devices, according to CB Insights.

Alongside smart grids and the rise of IoT in general, smart meters are becoming widespread as well – in residential, business, and industrial buildings alike. The new smart metering is the gateway between the Smart Grid and our homes or businesses, enabling dynamic pricing and information exchange with smart home devices. In its most basic consumer application, smart meters precisely track all energy consumption and send digital meter readings to energy suppliers for more accurate energy bills. Unlike other currencies, Bitcoin offers a fantastic form of quick transactions with anonymity and safety. The cryptocurrency is unregularised by legacy government currency rates. Blockchain started out as the technology behind Bitcoin but has popularly grown into a promising mitigation technology for cybersecurity.

Cryptocurrency cyber attacks on the rise as industry expands

The financial services industry stands to benefit tremendously from the growth of blockchain given the technology’s many financial services applications. Cybercriminals are now so sophisticated that even the most secure networks are at risk. All businesses must accept the reality of opportunistic hackers, and understand why and how to protect against them. Although blockchain has certainly improved transparency and security in digital transactions, it is no exception to the rule.

Companies that handle consumer data to some degree like Equifax or USCB America require cybersecurity because of the type of information they process and store. A successful cyber-attack can be the downfall of any well-positioned business. Data breaches not only cause significant financial losses but are also the leading cause of a bad reputation for victim companies. Keep up-to-date below with the latest updates in cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and crypto security news.

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